Thursday, 19 May 2016

Spring Fling!!

Hi everyone!! I am SO SORRY!!! 
I have not been posting for the past.. 
what is it.... THREE MONTHS?!?!?!
I REALLY wanted to get around to doing it, 
but never found the time. 
I had tests track meets soccer practice etc.

Anyway, I had the day off today 
(Us catholic schools are SO cool. Six day weekend here I come!!)
so I decided to get off my lazy bum and post!

So last month my g-ma completed her winter knitting.
And yay for me!! She made like, SEVEN DOLL OUTFITS.
So I dressed Maggie up and took some pics!!

P.S. This is only one of the outfits. 
The others will be here soon!

 I think the one with the shoes is SO DARN CUTE!!!

Well, thats all for now!
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Bai bai!!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Spring Photo Shoot!!!

Hi guys!! I have decided to cancel deleting my blog. Yayz!!! 
So I decided to have a photo shoot today!! 
Mia is all dressed up in her favourite spring outfit and 
is ready to take on spring!!
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Luv ya!!
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Friday, 4 March 2016

Name That Doll! & Sorry!!


Hi guys!! Today is a name that doll. 
Name the two dolls below!! Have fun!! 

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Luv Yall!!


Hey guys. This section of my post today is mainly apologizing. I have not posted lately and many people are loosing interest in my posts and such. I know dolls are not as hot as they used to be to many people, especially with the people who were the first to see my blog about a year ago. So I apologize. I know none of this was your fault, I am not pointing fingers here, I am just saying sorry for not posting and causing you to loose interest in one of my favorite things.
 I hope to get this blog up and running again and help you to become my biggest fan again, 
or for the first time. 

I also want to say that there is no point in blogging if no one enjoys it. 
Yes sadly I am considering putting an end to my blog. None of this is your fault. Everyone grows up some time and we loose interest in our old child hood things. This has happened to most likely many of you, including me. People loose interest and stop loving their old ways, in this case,
 stop loving looking at my blog. 
I can not find the time to post and no posting time means no viewers. 
And no viewers means no blog.
So yet again I want to say that I love all of you for being a part of this.
 I will keep posting but will also keep the consideration of deleting my blog.
Thank you for your time and your support. 
Feel free to comment.
Bye!! Luv you. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Picture Perfect

Hi all! So today's post is a Picture perfect. Below are three dolls waiting to walk down a runway. Which doll should get first, second, and third! Comment below!

Doll #2
Doll #1
Doll #3

Doll #4

Thanks for checking in today guys! Luv ya! 
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I am sorry that I have not been posting lately ladies. i have just been so busy!!! I promise that I will try harder to post every second day to get this blog up and running again. Thanks!! Bye!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Caption This VALENTINES!!

Hello everyone!!! Today is a caption this VALENTINES addition!!! 
As you all know, it is valentines day!!! The day of love. 
So below I have two pictures of Maggie and a package from a secret admirer!! Make up a story to go along with it, 
or comment on what YOU got for Valentines day!!!!

Happy Valentines day!!!
Thanks for checking in!!
Comment below on a story to go along with these pics, 
or comment what someone special got YOU!!!!!

Lots of love!
~Daisy Dolls~

Friday, 12 February 2016

Winter Photo Shoot!!

HEYO!! What's up guys?? 
Today is a winter photo shoot. 
I thought I would get one in before the snow melted. :P

 I am in LOVE with the one above!!!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Name That Doll!

Hi all! Today is a name that doll. Name the doll below and comment!!!
The winners from the last Name That Doll are
 Florence by Gabrielle and 
Esmerelda by Izzy!!

Thanks for checking in! 
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Luv ya!